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How do our students prepare for the G&T exam?

Our Gifted and Talented course focuses on delivering specialized instruction and effective techniques to help students score higher on the test. Our instructors conduct approximately 55 to 60 minutes small group sessions, in which they familiarize the students with the test questions, give them practice tests, and evaluate students’ individual strengths and weaknesses. Our practices and activities ensure that students are more confident and know how to solve the challenges they will encounter on the test.

Families who may have schedule preferences are recommended to sign up as early as possible for our courses (beginning in both summer and fall), either online or in person, to prepare their child(ren) for the test in the spring.

Gifted and Talented Program at Talent Prep

For those who already know what Gifted and Talented is, register today!

Gifted and Talented Programs aim to deliver accelerated, rigorous, and specialized instruction aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards. Registration for the exam is available to New York City students entering Kindergarten, First, Second, and/or Third grade. In order to apply to a district-wide Gifted and Talented Program, students must score 90 or above on the Gifted and Talented Test. To apply for a city-wide program, students must score a 97 or higher.

What is Gifted Education?

*Private session rates: $60/per hour (availability varies)

*Tentative mock test dates: December 15th, 2017 & January 5th, 2018

*Mock test rate: $75 (Registration Dec. 1st)

*We offer limited choices for make-up sessions. Each student can have no more than 2 make-up sessions during one semester.

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