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Talent Prep General Registration Form

DO NOT USE THIS FORM FOR G&T/Stanford Binet Registration 

(133 East Broadway Location)

Program(s) You're Interested In

Guardian #1 (Parent's Name)

Guardian #1 (Email Address)

Child's Name

Child's Birthday


Guardian #1 (Phone Number)

Guardian #2 (Parent's Name)

Guardian #2 (Email Address)

I give permission for Talent Prep to take pictures/videos of my child during educational activities for assessment, classroom decoration, newsletter, publishing and other educational and public relation purposes.
I understand that an overdue payment fee will be applied to unpaid balance and Talent Prep Child Development Center reserves the right to deny prep to students for nonpayment.
I understand that each child can have no more than 2 makeup sessions in each semester and the choices for the makeup session are limited due to the class schedule arrangement.

Questions or Comments?

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