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Reading a Book

Reading Fluency
Critical Thinking 

For Child From 4 to 8

Reading Fluency

Are you looking for a way to motivate your child to read more?

Are you looking to improve your child's fluency in word recognition and comprehension skills?

Join us in this 1:1 or small group class designed to provide direct instruction in foundational reading skills. Through the use of the evidence-based curriculum along with supplemental research-based materials, students are exposed to multiple opportunities in phonics and word reading, sight words, and passage fluency. Students of all ages can be tutored to reach an independent reading level. One semester of training will provide significant results. Hunter College Elementary School (HCES) consider reading skill as one of the important factors from candidates. 

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Result: Speed, Accuracy, and Comprehension.

Effective: Research & Evidence Based Curriculum

Proven: The Same Curriculum Has Been Used on Over 500,000 Students and with 20+ Years history

Take a look at the short clip below to see how our Reading Fluency Program Curriculum change our students!