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Academic Course/State Test Preparation

Program at a glance

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1:6 Teacher-Student Ratio

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Common Core Learning & Practicing Materials

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Teach - Practice - Review - Developed

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Practice Test

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New York State Certified Program Director

Academic Prep at Talent Prep

Math Test Prep

Join us and make math problem solving fun and exciting! Building young students’ crucial mathematics foundation and preparing higher graders to tackle their state math exam with confidence! 


ELA Test Prep

Students test well when they know the format and material that they will be presented with on exam day. Talent Prep’s ELA Test Prep class takes students through the set-up for the 3rd and 4th grade State ELA tests, provides practice tests, and teaches students strategies for testing. The strategies given focus on time management and the recommended approaches to multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions.


Academics Marathon

Talent Prep’s Marathon sessions are built to instill confidence in students as they increase their familiarity with difficult subjects and practice the skills required to succeed. The Academics Marathon focuses on the Common Core standards for ELA (Reading and Comprehension), Writing, and Math courses. Each 3 hour session will spend time on all three subjects (approximately one hour per subject, though we do also schedule in a snack time for the students to avoid overtiring them).  Class content is dependent on the CC standards for the students’ grade levels. 


ELA Marathon

Reading Comprehension is one of the most difficult subjects for elementary students, but Talent Prep’s ELA Marathon offers an environment for students to master it. Class activities such as group discussions, writing responses, creative book reports, and presentations put stories and articles into context and help students fully comprehend the material. The class explores all fiction and nonfiction genres so students stay engaged in new material and have a chance to discover their favorite things to read--and, with that, students cultivate a love of reading!



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Lower East Side

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