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Talent Prep Hunter/Private School Prep
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(216 Front Street Location)

Program(s) You're Interested In
I give permission for Talent Prep to take pictures/videos of my child during educational activities for assessment, classroom decoration, newsletter, publishing and other educational and public relation purposes.
I understand that an overdue payment fee will be applied to unpaid balance and Talent Prep Child Development Center reserves the right to deny prep to students for nonpayment.
I understand that Talent Prep's program is selective and reserves the right to deny prep to any students for any reason before accepting students. Such reasons may or may not shared.
I understand that there will be a materials fee for the program (rates are different for different terms).
I understand that each student can have no more than 2 makeup sessions in each semester and the notification should be sent by email at least 24 hours ahead of the class time. Choices for the makeup session are limited due to the class schedule arrangement.
I understand that if I decide to withdraw the class for any reason, my child will only be eligible for readmission based upon space availability. If I decide to withdraw after 5 sessions for any reason, I will not be eligible for any refund or credit. If I decide to withdraw before 5 sessions, I will be eligible for a prorated credit (50% of the remaining class tuition).
I understand that children’s performance can vary day by day as many factors can influence their performances. Talent Prep will not be held liable to the child’s FLI/ISEE score and school admission test result by providing prep sessions and the mock test. I also understand that I am not required to take mock test.
I understand that I will receive 2 progress reports from Talent Prep's GTAP Instructors. One midway assessment and one towards the end of the semester. *For on-site Pod Class only.
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