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Our Mock Test service aims at creating a real testing environment, which is different than regular training. Due to the difference between the Mock Test and the regular training, a statement is needed before you register G&T Mock Test.

1. I understand that children’s performance can vary day by day as many factors can influence their performance. Talent Prep will not be held liable to the child’s GTAP score by providing prep sessions and the mock test. As an additional service, GTAP Mock Test is not mandatory to my child.


2. I understand that my child will not be allowed to sign-in at the entrance of the mock test location with the administrator more than 10 minutes earlier of the scheduled time.


3. I understand that my child will not be accepted for the mock test if he/she could not get ready to go to the testing room with the administrator after 10 minutes of the scheduled time.


4. I understand that I am not allowed to walk my child to the testing room or company with my child in the testing area, which is the same as the actual test.


5. I understand that all test proctors have been GTAP trained and have experience working with young children. I will not get to meet the proctor during or after the mock test but I will receive my child’s mock test raw score within 1-2 weeks via mail, which is the same as the actual test.


6. I understand that I will receive the mock test score that breaks down into 2 parts – Verbal (OLSAT) and Nonverbal (NNAT). I will receive the number of questions that my child did correctly in OLSAT part and NNAT part, but the test questions will NOT be shared, which is the same as the actual test.


7. I understand that if my child has any difficulty completing the mock test, he/she will be sent back to the administrator. The administrator will contact me to pick-up my child immediately. Reasons will NOT be provided, which is the same as the actual test.

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