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Talent Prep Half-day Program Registration Form 

(155 East Broadway Location 2019 Fall Semester)

Is Your Child Potty Trained?
I give permission for Talent Prep to take pictures/videos of my child during educational activities for assessment, classroom decoration, newsletter, publishing and other educational and public relation purposes.
I understand that Talent Prep's GTAP & SB-V program is selective and reserves the right to deny prep to any students for any reason before accepting students. Such reasons may or may not be shared with parents.
I understand that if I decide to withdraw from Talent Prep’s Early Pre program for any reason, my child will only be eligible for readmission based upon space availability. If I decide to withdraw after 3 weeks for any reason, I will not be eligible for any refund or credit. If I decide to withdraw before 3 weeks, I will be eligible for a prorated credit (50% of the left-over tuition).
I understand that children’s performance can vary day by day as many factors can influence their performances. Talent Prep will not be held liable to the child’s GTAP & SB-V scores by providing prep sessions and the mock test. I also understand that I am NOT required to take the mock test.
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