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Logic Fun Half Day

For Children Born in 2017

Program Details

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If your child complains the daycare was too easy...
If you are looking for challenges for your toddler...
If you are planning to send your child to Hunter or a top private school...

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Join us in Logic Fun at Talent Prep to stimulate your child's curiosity and thinking skills! Student will build the
foundation of the following abilities from our Logic Prep program:

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Logical Reasoning.png




Inference Abilityu.png


By learning through trial & error and carefully-planning classroom experiences, Logic Fun Program aims at developing
children's Reasoning Skills and Fluid Thinking that they can use to make sense of this wonderful world! This class is also beneficial for the children who are going to take the private school admission test and/or Hunter Elementary School Kindergarten Admission Test.

In the past 3 years, the graduates from our Gifted Program have been accepted by the following schools

        Hunter Campus Elementary School 10+                                                 The Anderson School 15+
        Talented and Gifted School for Young Scholars 15+                            NEST+M 25+
        Kaufman's Special Music School 3+                                                          The Dalton School 2+
        Horace Mann School 3+                                                                                 Trinity School 1+
        The Chapin School 1+                                                                                     Riverdale Country School 2+
        Lycée Français de New York 1+

2021 Spring On-site Class Schedule


01:00 PM - 03:00 PM

(3/2 to 6/18, no class in the week of 3/29)


01:00 PM - 03:00 PM

(3/2 to 6/18, no class in the week of 3/29)

*We offer two payment options: families may pay monthly or per semester. Those who pay monthly will be charged a 5%

  payment plan fee.

**We offer limited-choices makeup sessions for student absence due to illness, travel, etc. Each student who enrolled

     1 day/week class can have no more than 2 makeup sessions in one semester. No makeup class for the students who enrolled

     2 days/week.

Special Discount: An instant $300 discount if your child enrolled in both Tuesday & Friday classes and make the full payment before Feb 28th. 

2021 Spring Logic Fun Half Day.png

Daily Schedule

01:00 - 01:40 pm: Verbal Reasoning & Nonverbal Reasoning 

01:40 - 02:00 pm: Potty & Snack Time

02:00 - 02:15 pm: Mini Reading Class

02:15 - 02:55 pm: Stanford Binet Section - Quantitative Reasoning, Visual-Spatial
                                   Processing, Fluid Reasoning, Working Memory, Knowledge Base

02:55 - 03:00 pm: Dismissal

*This program is only available at our Financial District Center

Health & Safety

To make sure the health and safety of all on-site students and instructors, we will implement the following measures into daily operation:

- Face coverings.

   students and all employees must wear masks all the time.

- Daily classroom sanitation.

   All tables, chairs, and floors will be sanitized at the end of the day.

- Disinfect activity items after every use.

   All our on-site employees are trained to use alcohol wipes or spray to perform quick disinfection to classroom items after every use (toys, class materials, or personal belongings).

- Frequent handwashing and hand sanitizing.

   Classroom teachers will instruct students to wash hands before and after each session and more frequent handwashing during the session if necessary.

- Seating arrangement to practice in-classroom distancing.

   all students in the classroom will maintain a physical distance at least 6 feet apart.

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