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2021 Spring Semester Alternative Schooling
A Great Way to Learn in The New Normal

School Admission Consultation

According to a recent survey after the 2021 Gifted & Talented Exam being canceled, 35% - 40% of New York City families who prepared children for G&T Exam are now turn to private schools/Hunter Elementary School. We know lots of you may still need help to navigate the school selection & admission process. Talent Prep is now offering Free Consultation to help you and your child make the best decision in this everchanging environment. 

Stanford Binet - Hunter College Elementary School Entrance Exam

  • The Wall Street Journal ranked Hunter as the top public school in the United States and noted that it is a feeder to Ivy League and other elite colleges.

  • Worth likewise ranked Hunter as the top public school in the country.

  • The New York Times called Hunter "the prestigious Upper East Side school known for its Ivy League-bound students" and "the fast track to law, medicine and academia."

Publicly available data indicate that Hunter has the highest average SAT score, the highest average ACT score and the highest percentage of National Merit Finalists of any high school in the United States, public or private.

My Gifted Micro School

Have you ever realized Your child cannot learn from school via virtual class? Your child barely made progress in academics? Your child is not ready to move up to the next grade... or you child's school does not provide enough academic challenges and you are seriously considering transfer your child to private schools. My Gifted Micro School offers unparalleled academic content in a small group setting that will gear your child with advanced academic knowledge, helping him stay ahead in his learning track.

Alternative Schooling

Summer Program

         Talent Prep Alternative Schooling offers remote

       learning assistance and homework help for the

     days when on-site school learning is not in session.

   Our goal is to make sure students' social-emotional

  well being and academic performance on the right

track but not fall behind during the school year.

           Talent Prep Summer Program focuses on our

​         students’ development in mathematics,

       reading, and reading comprehension, writing,

     science, and additional enrichment activities

   including soccer, basketball, mini golf,

 badminton,​art, ballet, and theater. Field trip

is also available!