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2021 Spring Semester Alternative Schooling
A Great Way to Learn in The New Normal

Gifted & Talented Education

At Talent Prep we strive to provide the best G&T learning experience. In order to help our students compete successfully on G&T test, we understand that a detailed and carefully designed curriculum is far not enough. Talent Prep G&T Preparation textbooks are also very important on the road to success. All of our books have been created by our learning specialists, teaching staff, and program directors. Our books have also been tested in years of tutoring/teaching practice. A well-targeted curriculum with a set of professional yet practical textbook has assisted tons of Talent Prep families enter dream G&T programs in the past several years.

Mandarin Immersion

Learning a second language opens up a new world for children--a world that traverses cultures and continents, shows them the beauty of diversity, and excites their young minds to become active and engaged communicators. Our qualified, native Mandarin speaking instructors provide students with the tools to explore the Chinese culture and communicate effectively with the language. Talent Prep mandarin immersion program not only educate our student through pure language learning class, but also combine language learning with interesting and effective exploring&enrichment activities. “You only learn when you expose yourself in such an environment” says by our program director Ms. Maxine.


Students test well when they know the format and material that they will be presented with on exam day. Talent Prep’s ELA/Math Test Prep class takes students through the setup for the third, fourth, and fifth grade State Test, provides practice tests, and teaches students strategies for testing. The strategies given focus on time management and the recommended approaches to multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions.

A small group class for preschoolers and kindergartners lead by NYS certified head teacher with the following objectives: mastering all 26 letters in uppercase and lowercase, developing phonemic awareness and phonics skills, acquiring pre-reading & writing skills and otheressential literacy skills, and developing logical thinking and basic math skills.

Alternative Schooling

Summer Program

         Talent Prep Alternative Schooling offers remote

       learning assistance and homework help for the

     days when on-site school learning is not in session.

   Our goal is to make sure students' social-emotional

  well being and academic performance on the right

track but not fall behind during the school year.

           Talent Prep Summer Program focuses on our

​         students’ development in mathematics,

       reading, and reading comprehension, writing,

     science, and additional enrichment activities

   including soccer, basketball, mini golf,

 badminton,​art, ballet, and theater. Field trip

is also available!